Who We are

We are a group of film loving geeks here. Once we see a film we love, we want to know everything about how it was made, the director’s inspiration, the creative process, interviews with key players… we think you do too, that is why Fillum gives you a comprehensive platform to track your favourite directors, actor and films.

We give you everything you want to know:

the latest news and information on the film, cast, release dates, trailers,
interviews, film clips, pre-release reviews and 
success stories.

We help producers and directors of each film tell their story across the Fillum App.

When you find a director’s work you like, you can see what else they have done, and other directors like them.

Deepthi Murthy Iyer CEO of FILLUM

Deepthi Iyer
Founder and CEO

Email: [email protected]

Boston, USA

“Fillum fills the need to be a platform for filmmakers to both own a new spotlight and bring their journey to the viewers.”

The Fillum Viewing Experience

There are loads of films available to watch on the Web. But the Fillum team asked questions of our viewers and found they really wanted to know about the entire film making process.

So, we researched films from brainchild to script creation, casting to rolling cameras, clapboard to direction. We wanted to cover it all in one place.

And we also noticed very few filmmakers had a place to share their films. Like authors, they thought typing the words: ‘The End,’ ended the creation process. Once done, they wanted thousands upon thousands of people to view their film.

But the chances of a large theatrical release were miniscule. So, they’d put their film on a free streaming service viewing service YouTube or Vimeo, send e-mails to their friends, end up with 200 or so views and were unable to finance their next film.

Fillum democratises the process and helps film makers get discovered by you, the audience. We give them the platform and means to promote their work. And you can download and see their film and entire process.

FILLUM : for film lovers and makers

Films should be fully experienced. Fillum is committed to bringing you Indian-made long form and short films from some of the world’s best and, as yet undiscovered, movie makers.

India has a broad, rich and complex tapestry of regions, cultures and languages. Filmmakers have long captured these stories through the lens of brilliant short and long form films.

We bring films in several local Indian languages and dialects, to the broader expat diaspora, living outside of India. Every studio focuses on the 1.3 billion people living in India, we look outside the country to find dramatic and short film content in native languages and dialects on a one-stop streaming service bigger and faster than can be found in their country of residence.

Our team loves Indian films, but too many globally view Indian filmmaking exclusively through the lens of a Bollywood musical.

Thus, until now, too many independent Indian film makers lacked a platform to share their vision and craft.


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